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    Unique and innovative training for health care professionals on developmental care and the clinical assessment of the newborn.

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    Consultation, teaching, training and help for health care professionals in the implementation of developmental care in their practice.

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    Tricks and ideas to develop a better relationship with your infant by improving your knowledge regarding his communication skills

Developmental Care
An approach to individualized care for sick or premature newborns.

Developmental care translates into Les soins du développement in French. It is an individualized approach of care that aims at reaching the optimal potential of development in sick or premature infants admitted in neonatal units.   This approach is based on the interpretation of newborns’ behavioral cues , and on specific interventions to maximize their adaptation to the outside environment and the participation of parents as active partners in the care of their infants. This philosophy of care allows us not only to promote and maximize the neurosensory integration essential to these infants’ neurological development, but also to diminish, and even prevent in some cases, long-term neurodevelopmental complications.

We offer theoretical educationnal programs in health care institutions as well as in conferences.  Also, a follow-up program for clinical integration is offered in NICUs. These services  are aimed mainly at health care professionals evolving in NICUs or in community settings, and are available in Canada as well as overseas.


6.Feb.2015 Sheraton Sand Key Resort - Clearwater Beach - Florida
Transition to safe sleep practices in the NICU
16.Mar.2015 CHUL du CHUQ - Québec
Sensibilisation to developmental care in the NICU
23.Mar.2015 CSSS Québec Nord - Mont D'Youville - Québec
P.T.D.S.D.© : Educational program on facilitating the transition home in developmental care
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17 November 2014
Isabelle Milette - On you tube!
30 May 2014
Isabelle Milette - Winner at the Recognition Awards of Sainte-Justine Hospital
5 May 2014
Marie-Josée on a promotional poster of the ONQ!
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